Smokey Eyes Like Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff does do Smokey eyes nicely! She can also be combining Smokey with a slight cat eye. She takes the darker shade and extends it previous her outer eye in an upward “cat” eye movement. It isn’t as extreme as regular “cat” eyes as a result of she softens the look with a medium shade alongside the center and a light-weight shade alongside the higher eyelid slightly below the eyebrow. She additionally has an identical shade of eyeliner alongside the higher eye and in addition alongside the decrease eye. She blends this coloration through the use of her medium eye shadow over her decrease eyeliner. The one means she will do that is to make use of the correct brushes for utility. You will not get an excellent Smokey or perhaps a good “cat” eye with the applicator that is available in your eye shadow compact. You will want to spend money on two brushes for this look.

You will want: Chisel Angle Fluff Brush – For throughout coloration and underneath eye forehead Chisel Double Shader Brush – For contouring and mixing – A trio eye shadow or three shades of coloration:
gentle, medium, darkish ideally in a Smokey hue like: Bren Cosmetics Eye
Shadow Trio Eclipse Grapevine Amoré

Bren Cosmetics Eye Liner coloration Charcoal Charcoal Prune

Bren Cosmetics Mascara coloration Black Black Black

Eye lash roller AND AN INDEX CARD!

I’ll stroll you thru Amoré.

1) Utilizing your Angle Fluff Brush apply the cream coloration throughout your eyelid

2) Apply the Prune eye liner alongside the higher eye closest to your eye lash in about 1/sixteenth inch line, begin on the interior eye and go all the best way throughout your eye to outer most portion of your eye angling up and out on the finish.

3) Use the Index card and place it at a 45-degree angle towards the outer portion of your eye.

4) Utilizing the double shader brush, apply the burnt crimson coloration over the Prune eye shadow and decrease lid.

5) Maintain the index card in place and utilizing the double shader, apply the darkish brown coloration in a diagonal from the middle eye to the outer eye stopping simply above the center crease of your eye.

6) Take away index card.

7) Utilizing your Angle Fluff Brush (it ought to nonetheless have a little bit of the cream shadow within the brush) in a one directional brush stroke going to the outer portion of your eye, brush a couple of times outward to mix the colours and to melt the road left by the index card. Clear brush and dip in cream coloration for the alternative eye.

8) Curl your eye lashes utilizing a roller and 30 seconds of strain in your higher eye lashes

9) Apply the black mascara in two layers.

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